25 June 2021
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Vacancy Announcement No: UPU/21/P5/FT-C/324
Title: Quality of Service Coordinator
Grade: P5
Type of contract Fixed-term (Core) Appointment
Duration:  Three years
Publication Date: 29 April 2021
Application Deadline: 10 June 2021 Selection in Progress
Organizational Unit: Postal Operations Directorate (DOP )
Duty Station:  Bern Switzerland
Scheduled date for taking up appointment:  July 2021
Organizational Context:
With its 192 member countries, the Universal Postal Union (UPU), a specialized agency of the United Nations, is the primary forum for cooperation between postal sector players. It helps to ensure a truly universal network of up-to-date products and services.
Main duties:
- Design and develop strategies and policies of a comprehensive quality management system for UPU activities in the field of quality of service;
- Lead and coordinate actions necessary for assurance and improvement of the quality of service both for letter-post and parcel-post including supplementary services;
- Supervise Quality Improvement and Quality Measurement Programmes to ensure the effective implementation of respective activities;
- Represent the UPU to external organizations in areas relating to the service duties and ensure secretariat role to related UPU bodies.

1. Strategy:
a. Design, develop and formulate overall strategies and policies to be implemented by UPU bodies, UPU member countries and designated operators and the Restricted Unions in order to improve the quality of postal services worldwide in cooperation with other international, regional and national organizations;
b. Develop and implement a quality measurement, assurance and improvement system built on UPU standards in line with international quality of service standards.
c. Ensure collaboration and transversal coordination with relevant DOP bodies, that quality of service activities are consistent with supply chain and physical service requirements;
d. Seek sources of funding for GMS development;
e. Assess the changing requirements on the improvement of quality of postal services both from policy side and operational side including the specific needs of segmented customers so that the postal community can achieve the required level of quality of service effectively;
f. Develop and monitor action plans to be carried out by various stakeholders (UPU bodies, UPU member countries and designated operators and the Restricted Unions) to improve the quality of postal services worldwide including customer satisfactions;
g. Coordinate, facilitate and monitor UPU's quality of service certification and audits as per UPU standards and international best practices. A global programme internationally recognised and with an accepted evaluation system,
h. Design framework to raise awareness of, and promote and implement, quality of service improvement in the postal sector by demonstrating to stakeholders how it can add social, operational and economical value to the society.

2. Operational management, supervision of the programme's and the unit's key projects and issues, technical advice:
a. Initiate studies and major projects related to Quality of Service, monitor publication of their results; set priorities, deadlines, standards with stated overall goals, ensure and assess quality of information;
b. Lead the effort in gathering and analysing knowledge on quality of service and report on industry and other related relevant developments;
c. Coordinate regulations produced by the relevant UPU bodies of the POC and their secretariats to ensure that they are in line with quality of service requirements;
d. Develop regional quality auditors training and certification programme to support the UPU's global quality certification and quality audits.
e. Give authoritative guidance and advice on complex and unusual issues related to quality of service
f. Resolve sensitive and complex issues

3. Coordination:
a. Internal to IB:
- Coordinate with other IB Directorates and all DOP programmes issues impacting quality of postal services and ensure the effective implementation of actions to be undertaken for improvement of quality of postal services both for letter post and parcel-post including supplementary services;
- Coordinate with the relevant Postal Operation Council (POC) and Council of Administration (CA) for the optimal way of collection and publication of the key performance indicators for quality of service and the results of quality of service performance by designated operators;
- Contribute actively to any activities needed for the product development of letter-post and parcel -post in better alignment with other products such as EMS;
- Ensure in cooperation with the other Directorates of the IB the transfer of know-how and best practices to designated operators in the quality of service improvement through regional projects.
b. External to IB:
- Ensure with the external organizations dealing with quality of service standards and certification systems that UPU's quality of service measurement and the quality management certification systems are in alignment or compatible with the international standards;
- Coordinate with the external partner organizations matters necessary for the effective implementation of UPU quality measurement systems and customer inquiry systems.

4. Supervision:
a. Supervise the Quality improvement and Quality measurement programmes by providing specialised and authoritative advice and guidance on
- Building team spirit among Programme's staff members;
- Formulation and implementation of project plans;
- Setting up and monitoring yearly and monthly work plans for each programme;
- Defining and assigning annual objectives to programmes' staff members;
- Developing and managing budget;
- Resolution of sensitive and complex issues.
b. Lead UPU's global strategic projects of quality measurement system such as Global Monitoring System to be effective and successful being able to involve a maximum number of designated operators;
c. Ensure optimization and cost effectiveness of UPU international letter mail quality measurement systems with the possible integration into a single system, UPU supplementary services quality measurement system and parcels quality measurement system to meet the customers' requirements.

5. Representation:
a. Represent UPU's position or negotiate on its behalf at international meetings in the field of quality of postal services;
b. Build relations and strengthen cooperation with external strategic partners and other international organizations;
c. Project the UPU and its quality of service improvement activities at external forums.

6. Secretariat to UPU bodies:
a. Ensure the quality and knowledge content of documents prepared by the relevant DOP programmes for submission to the UPU bodies;
b. Assist the POC Secretariat (DOP), jointly with other DOP managerial staff, for the effective implementation of POC business and work plan;
c. Provide the secretariat for, and coordinate the organization of, the meetings of POC's dedicated groups, including drafting documents, reports creation and distribution, and provide expert advice and guidance to Chairs;
d. Guide the development of quality of service activities with POC bodies, and ensure follow up and implementation of decisions and recommendations.
An advanced university degree (Master or similar) or first-level university degree (Bachelor or equivalent) in the area such as public administration, management, economy, logistics / supply-chain, or similar
10 years with an advanced degree (Master or similar) or 12 years with a first level university degree (Bachelor or equivalent) of combined experience of national and international postal service operations at managerial level
Technical knowledge:
1. Excellent knowledge of international postal service operations including quality measurement systems
2. Extensive knowledge of the UPU Acts (Convention and its Regulations)
3. Strong, demonstrated experience of international project management
4. Good knowledge of economic matters in subjects related to the duties of the position
5. Familiarity with the workings of international organizations, acquired through participation in the meetings of those bodies
6. Familiarity with the workings of UPU bodies would be an advantage.
Skills and abilities / competencies:
1. Good written and oral communications skills
2. Analytical skills
3. Leadership skills
4. Ability to discern and synthesize trends in technology and management practice
5. Facilitation and consensus-building skills
6. Global vision
7. Ability to foresee threats facing the postal sector and take corrective action
8. Vision to take a long-range view and build a modern and forward-looking postal sector
9. Ability to think strategically and build partnerships in the interest of the postal sector
Language skills:
Proficiency in French or English. Working knowledge of the other language would be an asset.
Additional Information:
French is the official language of the UPU. English and French are the working languages of the UPU International Bureau.
Priority shall be given for an internal promotion.
The UPU is committed to encouraging diversity within its workforce. Interested candidates from minority groups and/or with disabilities are encouraged to apply. All applications will be treated equally and in the strictest confidence.
Candidates might be considered for other similar posts (for a period not exceeding one year).
Candidates must ensure that they provide relevant contact details so that they can be contacted at any time, to prevent them from
being excluded from the selection process.
Annual salary: (Net of tax)
89,837 USD
Post adjustment: 79.3 % of the above figure(s). This percentage is to be considered as indicative since variations may occur each month either upwards or downwards due to currency exchange rate fluctuations or inflation.

The conditions of service are governed by the Staff Regulations and Rules of the International Bureau of the Universal Postal Union.

Please note that all candidates must complete an on-line application form.
All applications must be received by the closing date as stated in the vacancy announcement.

All applicants employed by postal entities and applying for a vacant position in the Professional (P) or Senior (D) category must be recommended and submitted through the competent postal authority.
Applications not satisfying this criterion may not be considered.

Only candidates under serious consideration will be contacted.

Applications from women and member states are particularly encouraged.

The UPU promotes diversity and work-life balance.

For further instructions regarding the online application process, please visit the UPU internet page at: https://upu.int/en/Universal-Postal-Union/Careers
Selection in Progress

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